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Posted by shannonclark on April 14, 2003

Reading expanded upon

Okay, this weekend was a busy weekend for me in terms of catching up on some reading, though I am still running at a pace of more unread books being added to my shelves than completed books being sent to my read shelves. (I keep unread books on seperate shelves from ones I have read, am I alone in this practice?)

So, this weekend, I finished the first year of Henry Potter. Fun. Not very serious to be sure, but enjoyable nonetheless. I also read “The Millenium, or a comedy of the year 2000” by Upton Sinclair. Enjoyable but a light read, and one that I did not agree with the conclusions, but then again I am not and have not been a Socialist, so that makes sense. Personally I feel that enlightened Capitalism is not just good but possibly the best of systems. I look at where we are today and where we were and I don’t see that Socialist structures lead to long term success, to the contrary, the countries of Europe seem crippled by their Socialist aspects, whereas those that have adopted more Capitalist structures (support of new businesses, flexible structures, limited and targeted support, government focus on infrastructure not business susidies, etc) are those that have met with the most success of late (Ireland is one very good example).

I will be attending the writer’s respite at Wiscon this year, managed to get my submission in on time this year, unlike the past two years when I seemed to notice the writer’s respite only after the submission deadlines had long passed. Should be fun, though I am concerned that what I submitted is by no means a completed work (chapter one of my book, title still undecided) as it is chapter one it introduces a lot of stuff but does not resolve much (though it may also resolve to much, have not yet decided that). And it is the portion that I wrote the longest time ago which means that in many ways it is in a style and form that I may not write in currently, need to work on that.

So, pardon that interuption, back to my reading this weekend. I also finished a couple of issues of the New Yorker, finding that while I enjoyed many of the articles, I am not in agreement with the overall perspective of most of the coverage of the War, which should not be a big surprise to me, but it is somewhat.

I also read the first 100 pages of “Linked”, which is an excellent book that I highly recommend (Linked: The New Science of Networks
by Albert-László Barabási).

Over the weekend I also cought a couple of interviews on TV that suggest a few other books which I should look for and read. One, After: How America Confronted the September 12 Era
by Steven Brill. Two, Sync: The Emerging Science of Spontaneous Order
by Steven Strogatz.

So, more reading for me in the future it looks like.

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