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Posted by shannonclark on May 27, 2003

“National Leadership Award”
or how I, and many others, “win” an award from Tom Delay…

Okay, this morning I had a voicemail on my work line from someone in Tom Delay’s office informing me that I have “been awarded a National Leadership Award from Congressman Tom Delay” and leaving a number for me to call back.

Being the sceptical high tech geek that I am, my first step was to use Google and do a search about Tom Delay and this “National Leadership Award” (I used “Tom Delay” “Leadership Award”), and guess what, I found about 800 people who have also been given this award, most of whom did not then respond favorably to the request for $300. It appears to be a fundraising effort on the part of the National Republican Party to skirt the rules around fundraising, and to get money from small business owners (as per some set of lists which they have purchased and are calling).

As I am not a Republican (nor a Democrat but that’s not important for this discussion) and I do not support Tom Delay’s positions, I have not even returned their call.


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