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Posted by shannonclark on June 5, 2003

Who is reading this?
and what I’ve been up to of late

I’m a tad curious, who is reading this blog? If you are, feel free to comment to this post, or on my discussion group (see the left column for the link) – I’m curious about three questions.

1. How did you find it? (link from elsewhere, search, I sent you the link etc)

2. Is this your first visit, or have you been here before?

3. I tend to vary my posts rather wildly, alternating from short posts about a link, to long semi-rambles on various topics. I often wonder if people are reading either (and if they are following the links)?

A bit about what I have been up to of late. I ahave been very focused on the building up of my company’s brand and marketing message around our newest product, Decisa: Contract management. This, along with recovering from 7 solid days of conventions plus a hacker attack during the same period has kept me rather seriously busy for the past few weeks. I’m only now beginning to get out from under it, only to go into what I expect will be a very long and busy month.

More on all of this in a little while.


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