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Posted by shannonclark on June 6, 2003

Neil Gaiman, Margaret Atwood, Frederik Pohl, etc
or what I am doing during the day this weekend

This weekend is the Printer’s Row Book Fair, which with over 190 book dealers and a weekend’s worth of author readings and signings, will be a very pleasant way to spend the weekend. Though of course, the last thing I really need in my apartment is more books.

So, Saturday I will be looking at an office space in the early morning, then heading downtown for the book fair and Neil Gaiman’s talk at 11:00am at the Harold Washington Library. I’ll spend the rest of the afternoon avoiding buying more books for myself, while looking for inspiration for a gift for my sister, whose birthday is next weekend (Flag Day).

I spoke with her boyfriend this afternoon, she already has the new book by Margaret Atwood, which was going to be my inspired choice for her (and I would have gotten it signed on Sunday, now perhaps I’ll just get myself a copy and get it signed…). update Just got off the phone with my sister, she does not have the book, so now my objective on Sunday is to buy both the new book and The Handmaiden’s Tale (used) and get those signed

Sunday, I plan on cooking – a curry, a good salad, and some rice, and something else, not yet sure what the final dish will be. A friend of mine is moving this weekend (actually more than one friend is moving), and Sunday I am planning on cooking a home cooked meal and delivering it. A good spicy, but slightly sweet curry (yams, chicken, peas, possibly potatoes and carrots) with Mary Anne’s Sri Lankan curry, additional chili pepper, cinnimon, and other spices, onions, and coconut milk. Should be spicy and a bit sweet. (I sometimes add some brown sugar, but may not need to with this recipe). I’ll make some sticky rice as well, and probably a light summer salad (good fresh greens, some dried fruits, some fresh fruits, some blue cheese, and a balsamic vinagrette). For dessert I’m thinking I’ll make something with fresh fruit, and perhaps the angel food cake that I have left over (probably will toast the angel food cake in the oven to get it nice and carmelized, then fresh berries and perhaps mango, and probably some whipped cream or ice cream of some form, still working out the details).

The meal may need one more dish, not sure what however – I’ll think about that over the weekend. Though now I have to also think of dishes I can cook pretty quickly Sunday afternoon as I will be getting back from the Atwood signing in the middle of the afternoon if I am lucky…


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