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Posted by shannonclark on June 18, 2003

Sentance I am startled that I said early this morning
or happy birthday to me

So, last night, I left the 24 hour Starbucks near my house (well technically very early this morning). As I left, some friends of mine were seated outside in the sidewalk cafe playing chess. Side note, how cool is it to have a place where people can sit outside at 1:00am on a summer evening playing chess just a 1/2 block from my house. Anyway, as I walked past and stopped to watch the game, a friend asked me if I still played.

I replied “yes, I’ve been playing for the past 25 years.”

Yup, something that I have done for a quarter of a century. Not something I expected of myself I must say, but it is true, when I was about 4 my grandfather taught me to play Chess.

Today, I’m now 29. And it was early this morning that I felt for the first time a bit old.

On an even more sobering note, I also realized that I was 24 when I last was in an even semi-serious relationship – 4 1/2 years actually, Dec of 1998 when I last kissed someone.

Every year on my birthday I take stock, this year, most certainly, my goal is not to be 30 and still in the same state. A relationship that does not work is fine (though disappointing), more hopefully, a relationship that works and lasts.

I also want be in a more comfortable place with respect to my company, i.e. to have lots of sales, revenues, (perhaps more employees) and lots of other work coming in. But compared to my personal goals that is, to a degree at least, my second priority.

My sister called this evening, she knows me, she called the office to reach me. Her present, some new music, will arrive in a few days – I’m looking forward to it.

My grandfather and my parents sent me birthday cards, both very nice, small little personal birthday notes over the past few days. My aunt called me over the weekend to wish me happy birthday in advance (and her card should get here soon as well). It is good to have family who remember your birthdays!

And early this morning, a new friend sent me a birthday card (electronic) – extremely sweet and very fun. Definitely a great way to start my day!

Today was a day filled with networking, selling, talking to people, writing new content for my company’s website, and lots of planning and thinking about the future – all in all a good way to spend a day. In a few minutes, my parents and I will go out to eat, it has been our longstanding family tradition that on our birthdays, we get to pick a restaurant and try it. Tonight we’re trying a place just blocks from my office, which is by a chef who was a protege of Charlie Trotter – likely a tad pricy, but also I hope very tasty (and definitely stuff I would be unlikely to cook for myself!) Should be a very good end to my birthday.

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