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Posted by shannonclark on June 20, 2003

Relaunch of JigZaw’s website
or now comes the really hard stuff…

As many of you know who have communicated with me over the past couple of weeks, I have been relaunching JigZaw’s website. Tonight I am pleased to announce (see letter I sent out below) that the new site is up and should be available shortly. Now comes the hard part of adding to the new site, extending the content, and selling our software and services…

Text of an email I sent out this evening

Hi all,

I am very pleased to announce that JigZaw’s updated website is going live this evening (Friday, June 20th). You can look at the site at or by early tomorrow at

The new site reflects JigZaw’s newest product, Decisa: Contract Management. Please look over the information under the Decisa tab, and check out the Demo repository available under the Demo tab.

Over the upcoming days and weeks we will be adding further content to the new website, including additional Case studies and more information on Decisa.

Over the past months and years all of you have been friends and supporters. I am very thankful for your past conversations, suggestions, friendship and assistance. I welcome your feedback about the new website and about Decisa: Contract Management.

Many of you are working with JigZaw or myself on one or more projects, if you would like to be added to the Partners page, please email me a paragraph or two to place there, along with which URL and Logo to link to.

One of the first additions to the new site will be a password protected partner’s area, there we will have collateral materials, PowerPoint presentations, pricing documents etc. I will be contacting those of you who are JigZaw’s partners with access information when that portion of the site is ready.

Again, thanks and I hope everyone has a successful and enjoyable summer! Good luck to all of you in your various ventures!



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Posted by shannonclark on June 20, 2003

BLOGGER :: User Study

If you are in the Bay area and have used Blogger for the past 6+ months – here’s a chance to make a quick $75 for a few hours… if I were in the Bay area I’d go just for the chance to bum around Google’s headquarters and meet people.

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