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Over the weekend

Posted by shannonclark on June 30, 2003

or how I walked 10 miles and cleaned up

Literally. Saturday and Sunday I walked what must be close to 10 miles, walked a mile or so in Wicker Park on Saturday, then from North Ave to Navy Pier (about 2 miles) then to the end of Navy Pier and Back (another 2 miles) then from Navy pier to Michigan Ave (about a mile) then from 600 N. Michigan to my house (about 2 miles).

Sunday I walked about another 3 or 4 miles.

So a good weekend for walking, and the company I kept was good as well. I spent Friday night and Saturday afternoon playing host to a friend of my aunt and her friend, they were traveling here to Chicago to spend the weekend here before going on to Detroit from which they were driving back to New Mexico.

Can’t complain about spending two days with two attractive young woman showing them the town. (though it was a lot of fun, it was also not as exciting as that makes it sound)

Saturday night I saw The Hulk. Highly recommended, very good, very slow, very character driven (but yes, there are good visual special effects and action sequences too). I read in the New Yorker on Sunday that Ang Lee the director of the Hulk also played the Hulk for the motion capture people who put together the special effects, kinda cool.

Sunday I read a lot, had a nice meal, ran some errands, but most importantly I got a phone call from a woman – no more details for now, don’t want to jinx it, but I’m keeping my fingers crossed, it is at least something new in my life and something very unusual.

On Saturday evening I also met a bunch of gamers, may get invited to join in their ongoing game, if I do, it will be the first time I’ve done any serious gaming in a number of years, in many ways I am looking forward to it – both as a chance to get back to something that was so important and so much fun for me growing up, and as a chance to interact with an entirely new group of people, fellow nerds of a sort, but also of a different network than my current business associates, generally not a bad thing at all.

However, the second most important thing about the weekend is that in preparation for possibly having guests (and female ones at that), I cleaned my condo.


Friday night was about 6 hours of serious cleaning before I left to pick them up at Midway Airport.

Saturday morning was another couple of hours of serious cleaning while I waited for them to get up and start moving towards the city (their hotel was out in the suburbs, don’t ask, long story).

So, this weekend I managed to vacumn my bedroom, dust my living room, scrub most of my bathroom, put away my clothes, do many loads of laundry and dishes, box sort or throw out the piles of misc. papers and magazines which had cluttered up my dining room table and living room, organized much of my hall closet (you wouldn’t believe me if you see it, but it is much improved) and generally render my apartment almost fit to invite a friend up to, still many small things I’m working on, still some piles that need sorting, some boxes of junk to throw out, some misc. items to get recycled (old broken monitor being the biggest) and really I should just replace the futon which is long past dead, but the change in the whole place is quite amazing.

Next I’m going to go through my kitchen and start reorganizing things, get rid of some kitchen wares I do not use (or at a minimum store them far out of the way) and hopefully make good use of my tupperware and other gadgets to organize the kitchen in a more logical and useful manner. In another week or so I’ll be comfortable inviting someone over (and hopefully this will be an option in the very near future).

What feels weird and good is that a woman called me, this does not generally happen and it is very much what I’ve tended to tell people would be a good thing for me, i.e. someone who takes a bit of the initiative and helps me clearly know what’s up. If it is left just to my interpretation of the signs and cryptic remarks, I’m unlikely to interpret them correctly (or in time, or both). So this is a good sign at the beginning.

I’ll see what happens next, but it is also the first time I’ve been a bit nervous and butterflyey (how do you spell that?) in a very long time, so this is also probably a good thing.

My scale at home is broken (yeah, no transition there, I’ll work on that) so I don’t quite know how much weight I’ve lost lately, but I think that I have been continueing to lose weight, I may be down to as low as 210 lbs, which if I am means that I have lost over 30 lbs since December (or so, scales likely were never all that accurate). More tellingly, this weekend my size 36 jeans came very close to fitting, where only a few months ago they couldn’t even get to the point of even considering whether they would fit or not (i.e. they clearly had not chance, where now they come extremely close). A few more weeks of not eating too much, walking at least a mile usually more every day, and watching the random calories should do well for me.

My goal, such as it is, is to be solidly back to being a 38, and even better back to a 36 by the Fall. That probably means losing about at least another 10 lbs. After that, I may go for losing still another 10 lbs and/or getting some muscle definition but that’s a ways off, for now I’m just happy to see that some pants need to go to that first, smallest hole in the belt (and even that is not always enough). If I lose another 10 lbs I’ll probably see it in the waist, if I lost about 15 lbs or so, I may see it in my neck as well as my waist, would be great to be able to fit back into my 16 1/2 neck shirts (which include a lot of really cool shirts I have not worn in years).

When that day comes I plan on celebrating with buying some new cloths – new jeans, new pants, a new suit, some new dress shirts, a new pair of swim trunks etc.

So progress being made at least. Which is good because for at least the last month or so it had felt like I was either gaining weight or at best not continueing to lose it, but this weekend seems to be pointing towards making further progress.

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