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Cryptic still but smiling

Posted by shannonclark on July 11, 2003

or the weekend’s looking good

So, this weekend I have a number of things to accomplish, some small, and a few very personally important. On the small front, I plan on continueing my ongoing battle with being a bachelor – i.e. more cleaning, this weekend the plan is to attack my kitchen – clean and sort all dishes and pots (including the ones gathering dust in my cubboards). If I get really ambitious I’ll go thru my shelves and refrigerator, organize my current stocks, throw out or donate stuff I doubt I’ll get around to using, and restock on the basics (peppercorns, flour, sugar, pasta, ketchup, fresher spices, soy sauce, etc – been a while since I replenshed some supplies).

That’s my plan for Saturday during the day – attack my kitchen with a vengance and hope to get it to a very respectable state.

If I get really ambitious, I’ll also attack one of the other minor challenges in my apartment – the bookcase in my bedroom which has developed a suggestive tendancy to tilt outward towards my bed. My thought at the moment is to put up the shelves in my second bookcase purchased from Stars Our Destination’s store closing sale, and move those books (as well as my remaining couple of boxes of stored books to those shelves. With that done, I’ll see if the bookcase will function better on a flat surface than on its current carpeting – if so, perhaps I’ll put it into my kitchen (see above) which desperately needs more storage! (just thought of this, could work really well – score one for blogging one’s thoughts).

Finally, then I’ll continue to attack the “random boxes” – i.e. the boxes which have my assorted papers and misc. items from years of living, old school papers, writings, and many other random items – I’ve whittled the pile down considerably, but more work needs to be done.

Next weekend, the goal is to attack some of the bigger items – my extra desk, my delapidated futon, the office chair at my house which needs to be moved to my office etc.

I’ll also do my now weekly vacumning of my living room and bedroom, as well as continue the challenge of cleaning a bachelor’s bathroom (now I’m working on cleaning the brass elements etc, the big items have been cleaned, though the linen closet could stand some resorting to put all the pillowcases with the right sheets etc.)

Reading this, you might wonder, why this sudden change… a small hint, still cryptic, but more details coming soon I’m sure. Saturday night, I won’t be cleaning, and I won’t be sitting in Starbucks reading…

And just the thought makes me smile.


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