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My weekend plans

Posted by shannonclark on July 25, 2003

or how much has changed just this month

So, as I sit here late on a Friday afternoon, I am looking around my desk at the office and starting to think about what my plans are for this upcoming weekend. I am going to try to get into the office at somepoint this weekend and clean, the piles of “stuff” near and around my desk are getting too big, and there are books which are here at the office which I would prefer to be at home (my signed copy of American Gods for example), too there are books at home which I would prefer to have easily available here at the office (tech reference works, some business books etc).

Thinking about my home, I think that this weekend my goal will be to attack the chaos which is my bedroom. It is not really that bad, though my wire hangers have some rabbit genes (they keep multiplying). My first goal will be to clear the surfaces of my two desks (one too many probably) and recycle some of the items which are no longer functional (my broken monitor specifically). I will then finish putting the desks together so that they are more functional, and shift all of my office supplies to one of the desks.

The other “desk” I think I will convert at least partially into clothing storage, I think it will let me organize my clothes more effectively, and help me clean up my bedroom closet. I’ll then look at moving more of my clothes out of my hall closet and into my bedroom.

This may take a while, but the end result will also show me just how much clothing I have that I no longer could imagine wearing (more than I like probably) – I’ll donate a large amount of that to a charity and will free up space for other purposes. (thinking ahead to the future, I now may have a very important purpose – having some room for someone else’s clothes, at least a change of them… that’s such a cool thought to have).

If I get really ambitious, I’ll also attack my other closets this weekend. The linen closet in my bathroom would not be a huge project, mostly a lot of folding and trying to figure out something to use to solve the small items getting buried by the big ones problems (i.e. how do I store sheets with pillowcases, or towels with hand towels without losing something, and still also store my extra comforters etc?)

The other major project in front of me is my living room, but that probably requires a second person to help move some of the pieces, so that probably will wait until next weekend when I could have help with the furniture moving… (and other things).

All in all much of my weekend plan is to keep myself busy, to get more of my home in order, to catch up on my reading (more new books keep coming in than I have been finishing books) and to probably try to get some writing done as well, though most likely non-fiction stuff for JigZaw not fiction.

I’m alone this weekend, a wedding out of state is the cause, but it feels different, now instead of it being my normal state, it is no longer my default. Now, I can see that future weekends I will have someone to spend time with (and future weeks as well) – though how much and doing what will vary it is clear that my past months (or even years) of eating most meals alone, of not doing much because it mostly was better with someone else are no longer my normal state.

We’re still working out the language, it is all something pretty new for both of us, for now and into the future, we’re just going with it, enjoying each moment we have together.

Unlike all of my past, however, this feels amazingly comfortable. I call her, she calls me, we both are clearly interested in spending time with each other. In the past I’ve never been sure entirely of that. In the past I’ve often felt that I had to do the asking, the planning, but also that one mistake on my part could ruin everything. With this, it feels much more comfortable, for one, we are both adults and that certainly helps, but more it feels very mutual, we both want to be with the other.

It is really wonderful. It is also, slightly scary but in an entirely good way.

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