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Traders and plans

Posted by shannonclark on July 28, 2003

or changes but not bad

(a quick note to myself – Bob Hope died yesterday. I was and am a huge “classic radio” fan, I grew up without a television and unlike my contempories grew up listening to performances on the radio (or tapes of radio shows) so Bob Hope’s passing is for me a passing of an era, there are not many stars of classic radio left. And yes, I know that most of the rest of the world remembers Bob Hope for movies, USO shows, and TV shows but for me he and George Burns and other stars of that era are remembered for their radio roles. I only heard a small sampling of their shows, and only at odd hours on the radio growing up, not like people who grew up back in the 20’s, 30’s, and 40’s (and even a bit of the 50’s) when radio stations published schedules, and people arranged their day by the radio shows. Now it may almost be impossible to find a radio station schedule, let alone one that lists all of the radio stations in a given area and the “shows” that they broadcast, in many ways Radio is a dying medium)

This weekend I discovered the joys of Trader Joes.

And, to make it even better, Sunday night I was able to share that joy with the woman I care about. She unexpectedly was able to join me for dinner, so we tried a wine and a pasta sauce from Trader Joes. The verdict so far, very good!


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