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Posted by shannonclark on August 13, 2003 Books | Two isn’t company

Interesting review of a new book – by a Marxist academic, but according the review “laugh out loud funny” (in a good way).

It strikes me that in a book about relationships and marriage, that ignoring, the admittedly small, polyamory movement is somewhat surprising, but not unexpected.

Myself, I’m pretty in tune with the cultural norm of a single monagamous relationship, but given how many of my friends are both very intelligent and also in complex polyamorous relationships, I do think it is a subject worth some attention in a book about love and marriage… since adultery is somewhat different in a polyamorous relationship (though, I think if I understand things correctly not impossible – it would be a relationship that is kept from the other person or persons in the relationship).

In any case it sounds like a book worth a look, though with the dual caveats of being written by a Marxist and seemingly ignoring the option of polygamy (i.e. a relationship with multiple consenting parties, often long term).

[note – I edited this a day after posting to correct a mispelling of polyamory/polyamorous – which is the term I meant though not what I typed]


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