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Lotus Notes and Outlook issues

Posted by shannonclark on November 1, 2003

Hi all,

A technical question and request (and an offer in return).

I am in the midst of moving to a new laptop and am exploring
alternatives to Outlook as I would like to avoid the cost of buying MS
Office (if I can). My laptop came with Lotus SmartSuite (which seems
more than sufficiently compatible for all of my needs for
presentations, writing, and spreadsheets) and a license of Lotus Notes.

However, I have been unable to figure out how to import my 1+ gigs of
mail, calendaring and other data from Outlook into Lotus Notes, and how
to configure Lotus Notes to work in an Internet email only manner (i.e.
no Domino server).

Is there anyone on the list that knows enough about Lotus Notes,
especially in a client only mode, to help me with this?

And/or can anyone suggest an alternative to MS Outlook?

I have extremely serious mail requirements, so something like Outlook
Express is not an option. My needs are for an integrated mail, calendar
and address book capable of handling about 1 gig of past emails
(imported from a .PST file), 1500+ contacts, 3+ years of active
calendar events. It has to have very powerful rules for mail reading to
allow for automated filtering/filing (importing MS Outlooks rules would
be nice but not mandatory).

Further, I have to be able to easily and quickly access all of the mail
– mail split into many “archives” and/or search results that don’t show
everything are non-starters. (I recently evaluated Bloomba a new mail
software package, which is nice, but has a 2500 message limit in any
given view – that can easily be less than a month’s email for me, so
that limitation is quite severe for me).

If there is some way I can help you out in return, please ask.




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