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Posted by shannonclark on November 27, 2003 – Unstructured Information Management

A site I need to spend a lot of time reading and looking at, as well as potentially should contact to explore an idea I have for a new organization and conference (non-profit most likely designed to be a networking tool for people writing systems that extract data automatically and then deal with it – whether from “unstructured” data sources, the “semi-structured” sources I tend to deal with, or even from “structured” sources (emphasis on the plural as being the case with AI comes in handy). I would like to then expand to also include people do search, classification and other related topics, as well as people who are looking at the technology and applications of “network theory”)

Here I mean “network” in the form of connections not just technical networks (which are one type of “network” but networks of people, cells busineses etc. There is an emerging but not fully named or understood discipline that is studying networks – in terms of organizational structure, growth patterns, and “end” states (all connected to all, independant clusters, etc.

Very cool stuff, in any case the site offers some positive viewpoint about what might be a workable means of growing my idea into something that happens and is viable.


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