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Posted by shannonclark on December 4, 2003 Info–Fact Sheet

Rhizome is an example of one of the many online communities and networks that seem to truly “get” the Internet. I am very interested in looking at this group and others in terms of how they interact and “fit” into the models of the future that are suggested by Social Network software and the more general “Theory of Networks”.

In the near future I am planning on setting up a “network of networks” (name to be determined) which will serve as a “metasite” of sorts for people interested in The Theory of Networks, in Social Networks, in Social Network Software, and in other related aspects of community, activism, networking, organizational theory, software development and the like. If it goes as I hope the group and website will sponsor at least one academic oriented conference (probably held here in Chicago) and a peer reviewed publication (at least a website, potentially a print publication as well if the funding is sufficient).

The site will also serve to link to other examples and references online, so likely will link to groups such as Rhizome and others that are working and applying the theory of networks and making “real”. Especially with the upcoming elections I hope to make sure that we involve people working in social and political activism (ideally in a non-partisan manner so that people from all parts of the spectrum can gather and learn what is working without “taking sides”.

More on this here in the upcoming days and weeks and likely much more on a new website that will be launched in a few days.


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