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Social Software ideas | A Whole Lotta Features

Posted by shannonclark on January 31, 2004

Social Software ideas | A Whole Lotta Features

I will also post this to Mesh Forum but definitely interesting to read about a whole lot of suggestions for Social Software functions from the perspective of a user.


One Response to “Social Software ideas | A Whole Lotta Features”

  1. I have defined a plan for new internet functions that aim to be a basis of solutions to such problems.
    Especially, I defined the logical operations for ensuring trust online, while at the same time keeping the possibility of anonimity.
    Indeed, if only trust was ensured, then having a wiki system with editing rights depending on trust, would be enough to gather the reliable informations on all subjects.
    It would be a free software. There has already been a first version of a few first functions (forum to serve as replacement for email). The problem is that I do not currently have good programmers. How can I find reliable web programmers to contribute ? If only it was already implemented, it would be much easier…
    Some of the technical specifications are at

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