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Grey Tuesday

Posted by shannonclark on February 24, 2004

Grey Tuesday

I’m interested in this, both as an artist myself (writer, not musician) and as someone who is very involved and interested in IP issues. As well, I’m interested in the phenomenon that this implies – the rapid organization and dispersal of a network of sites working towards a given goal. The Online Protest aspect of this intrigues me, the use of mulitple online tools and mediums does as well.

I’ve seen notices of this on many of the mailing lists to which I belong, on many of the blogs I read regularly, and on many other sites. Tools such as bittorrent and the like are also intriguing to me as they show in part what can happen when the resources of the net are dispersed and used, and when machines have the capacity for both being clients and servers across the net (i.e. when many machines are not hidden behind NAT and firewalls but are opened up at least in part and can share services with others as well as consume services from others – in the case of bittorrent in the form of getting and share parts of data.

As well, I am curious to hear the remix, intellectually I like this concept and I appreciate the skill that it took.

There is also a friend of mine who has been working on a new business venture that is related to all of this, can’t say more until he starts talkiing about it publically, but as a result of having worked with him over the past year plus talking through some of the IP issues involved with new media, I have a new and growing awareness of the issues.


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