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CJR Campaign Desk – analysis of online vs. offline newspapers

Posted by shannonclark on March 3, 2004

CJR Campaign Desk – analysis of online vs. offline newspapers

Somewhat long article on the difference between the online and the offline editions of the major national newspapers. Turns out that the online NYTimes, USA Today and WSJ are not the same as the offline editions, at times different articles, different reporters. As more and more people read their news online, this difference grows in importance. According to the article the readership of the online NYTimes is larger than for the print edition (over 1.2 million on day recently!).

As I mostly read online news sources, this is an important article for me to keep in mind. As well, as someone interested in the online vs. offline worlds, I find the indepth reporting on what occurs inside of the news organizations as interesting as the facts discussed.


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