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On the bidding of conventions

Posted by shannonclark on June 24, 2004

or I volunteer for something more…a worldcon bid

So at Wiscon this year I talked with Dina Krause who was there promoting the Chicon 2006 Worldcon Bid. We got to talking and she asked if might be willing to help out with the website for the bid.

This afternoon I met with her and have agreed to help with the website for the Chicago 2008 bid which appears to have added me to the bid committee as well.

My plan is to shift the website to an easy to manage system, probably Moveable Type but I will be looking at other logical options as well, the goal being to create a bid website that will easily morph into the convention website at the appropriate time – and help drive interest and traffic over time.

I expect that in upcoming months and years I will be talking with many who might read this about the conference and about what they would like to see from a convention website. Since I will, it appears, be involved with the conference in some capacity, I suspect as well that I may play a role with the technology aspects of the WorldCon as well. Though exactly what those will be four years from now is an interesting question as well.

If you have suggestions for technologies I may want to look at, or other thoughts on what a good bid website should (and should not) contain, please comment here or contact me privately.

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