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Something I would like to see

Posted by shannonclark on July 16, 2004

or a site I may try to put together
Having the opportunity this afternoon to meet two people who work for a very large firm (over 100,000 employees just in the US and most of their business is overseas) I was struck by the fact that while a large organization can have flaws, it can also have motivated, interesting, smart employees, such at the guys I met with today.
From this spark comes the following “simple” idea.
Create a list of ALL employers WORLDWIDE.
Rank by # of employees (at least into rough categories)
Show ownership links (where known either publically or privately) perhaps to the level of individual owners, perhaps to the level of major shareholders & funds that own the stock, perhaps only noting ownership of one entity by another corporate entity.
Include a link to the company (or links)
Over time I would then like to see the following added to the data collection:
Locations (ideally with estimates of numbers from each location, perhaps also what they do where and how much it contributes to their total revenues)
Links to news articles, rss feeds, etc related to the firm.
Links to patents issued to / owned by the firm
Links to patent sharing relationships the fim is part of (where known)
Links to public data on the company (easy with publically traded firms for which there is a wealth of websites that might be partnered with, a bit harder for private firms), links as well to data on non-share tradeable items such as bonds etc.
Link to legal proceedings against the firm, perhaps sorted into jurisdictions
Don’t neglect to include public entities such as governments and government agencies in the lists. Perhaps include (and show overlap, via percentages and/or raw numbers) unions into the listings as well – especially where the unions are the most stable cohesive unit for that class of workers (building trades, stagehands, writers, actors etc)
Possibly, though this is fret with issues, allow for public commentary on the companies – better might be pulling such commentary and notes from other sites which handle vetting and other legal issues with the data.
My thought is that while some of this list would be easy to assemble, there are hundreds of firms that few other than their employees know much about, could be interesting to learn more about them and if this were extended worldwide, the data could be useful to a lot of people.
Further, the more that this data held out the possiblity of being vetted by lots of people and the more accurately it could grow to become, the more useful and valuable it would be, to lots of people not just investors or geeks.
I think to, it would be interesting to see how the comments on such a directory would compare with those on various national survies, and to the raw statistics behind the performance of the firms themseleves.


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