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BBC – Cult Television – Doctor Who – New TV series

Posted by shannonclark on August 4, 2004

BBC – Cult Television – Doctor Who – New TV series

In high school my friend Dwight Sora and I between us made it our goal to view every single episode of Dr. Who, this included viewing portions of otherwise lost episodes that we managed to see at local science fiction conventions. In addition between us we owned a then nearly complete collection of every single Dr. Who novelization as well as much additional memorabilia.

While traveling to England, I dragged my parents to see Jon Pertwee in a staged Dr. Who play (which had better special effects than his TV episodes did).

In short, while many of my fellow geeks here in the US were (are) Star Wars or Star Trek fans – I was (and am) a Dr. Who fan.

When this comes out, in 2005, I will find a way to see every single episode. It might involve me moving for a while to England, it might involve having English friends record it and mail the episodes to me each week on DVD, but I will find a way.

Dr. Who’s complexity is and was what attracted me to it, the capacity built into the premise to have stories anywhere and at any time opens up unlimitted (mostly) story possibilities and the writers often took advantage. For my tastes the stories and ongoing sweep of literally decades of writing (bad effects and inconsistancies and all) is vastly more compelling than a few years of shows (in the case of Classic Trek) or three movies (in the case of Star Wars). Sure, since then (late 80’s early 90’s) both of the other franchises have been expanded – Star Trek by many other movies and shows, Star Wars by a new trilogy each by countless other media, but none compelled or interested me to the extent of Dr. Who.

In college, my friends were all into Babylon 5, I didn’t watch it with them part of why I grew apart from that circle. Later, in the mid 90’s I had an office mate who introduced me to Babylon 5, between us we exchanged tapes and managed to once again (in my life) watch every episode of a series.

In short I am compulsive about many things, but rarely the first when it comes to pop culture (or perhaps better described as niche culture – trek, star wars, and Babylon 5 while all popular shows are not exactly mainstream either.

Tonight I sit at home writing this, watching bad TV and thinking about the past and the future. I now have something more to look forward to next year, something I will enjoy (and try to catch as it is broadcast). As I think about my life past and present I see as well that my future while similar to the past will not be the same as the past – a good thing I guess – but also still startling for me to realize.


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