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Updates and Anti-spam systems

Posted by shannonclark on August 5, 2004

So, this afternoon I composed an email I have been meaning to send out for a few months – a short update and summary for business contacts as to what I am doing these days, including links to the various projects, companies and organizations I am working on and with. As well the update included a short list of upcoming conferences I might be attending, as well as a link to this blog for the many business associates who might not be aware of this site in connection to me.

In the course of sending out these 500+ customized emails (including what current or not so current information I have in my address book for each contact) I am getting a wide cross section of responses.

About 10% at least of my contacts have invalid addresses, in a few cases for being over quota but in many other cases for reasons unknown.

More interestingly, many different anti-spam systems are being employed. Most amusing was one that rejected my mail as spam because it had the word “Hilton” in it (in the context of “attending Renaissance Weekend at Hilton Head”. Many others require me to follow links or reply to the message, I personally like the reply to the message format as that is trivially easy for me to do, the follow links versions then require a bunch of additional steps on my part.

In a few days I will put together more formal numbers and details about how this round of updates went – how many people bounced completely, how many used some form of anti-spam, how many replied etc.

Already at least one person has replied with her current contact details which is exactly my intention with the email.

More in a few days.


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