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Boston then home

Posted by shannonclark on October 24, 2004

As I type this I am in a Fairfield Inn outside of Boston, watching the world series which is happening not too far from my hotel. Glad to report that Boston is currently winning.

I will go over my notes from PopTech and post my comments, thoughts reactions etc. Overall it was a great experience, some great speakers (and some not so great) but more critically and importantly, a ton of really good participants with nary a boring person in attendance – everyone had a story as one woman on the bus back from dinner last night commented.

As such, amongst catching up on work for clients, preparing proposals, and generally all the catching up that you have to do post-conference, my week will also be filled with following up with everyone whom I met at PopTech. Sending them the articles/references I promised, sending them invites to come to MeshForum, sending them requests to help with MeshForum, etc. I predict a busy week ahead.

I commented to Julia this evening as we spoke, I on my generic hotel bed, her on our bed at home, that it feels like Wednesday (but “really” is Sunday). Saturday was a very full day, started early went late. Today I slept in a bit but then ventured out to get breakfast and do some shopping in Camden before leaving, ended up in one final PopTech discussion about IP, the Semantic Web, and other things. Then came the 4+ hour drive back from Maine to Boston, in the rain, to a non-selected hotel.

To get my hotel, I pulled into a Kinko’s parking lot, in the general area of Boston suburbs the person I am meeting tomorrow morning suggested was close to where he is, and fired up Yahoo! Maps.

From a basic map of Boston I zoomed in on the general area where I was – then I turned on the feature that shows hotels directly on the map.

Armed with that knowledge, I then fired up another browser window, went to Travelocity and searched for what they showed as the best rate at the hotels that were just minutes from where I was. I double checked this with and went with Travelocity. Then I confirmed with the hotel the specific directions as to how to get there, and went to have dinner at the Thai restaurant around the corner from the Kinkos.

Keep in mind, I did all this parked in my car – the Kinko’s was closed and it was raining steadily all the time.

Sometime I love modern technology – and wonder how I ever traveled without easy Internet access, cell phones, etc.

So, I will post more on PopTech later this week.

If you are in Boston, reading this, and want to catch up with me – drop me a line and/or leave me a comment. I will be free tomorrow afternoon – current plan is probably to head into Cambridge and spend the afternoon somewhere around Harvard.

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