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A comment I posted elsewhere

Posted by shannonclark on November 4, 2004

Well Illinois, while now seemingly a “safe” Democratic state has a long
history of electing Republicans – not clear to me by a longshot that Durbin’s
seat if a safe one in 2008. (I’m an independant in Chicago)
Don’t forget
that Illinois while currently having a mostly incompetant Republican party, a
Democratic governer, two democratic senators, and a major democratic mayor
(Daley) we also have the current speaker of the house (Republican Denny Hastart)
and his seat is a fairly safe one.
Something I am slightly surprised at –
has noone suggested the John Kerry be the next minority whip? I suspect in terms
of senority he is low on the totem pole, but I am also fairly certain that
Massachusetts will keep on electing Democrats for the foreseeable future.
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One Response to “A comment I posted elsewhere”

  1. Rogers said

    John Kerry has been suggested as the minority leader on weblogs, but I’m not aware that it’s being taken seriously elsewhere.

    I don’t think he has the institutional chops necessary to run the Senate in opposition. He’s always been described as someone who was more comfortable in the Senate’s investigative role than in the legislative side, which is why his record of achievements in the Senate was a hard-sell.

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