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A conservative think tank/blog

Posted by shannonclark on November 8, 2004

Lead21 Blog is a group a friend of mine, Auren and others whom I know started, based mostly in San Francisco, they are generally right leaning – many are Republicans, some are independants. What is interesting to me is that they are, like myself, generally critical of the current Republican party (and the president) on many issues – social as well as fiscal – but they are indeed loyal to their party of choice.

As a progressive, liberal, independent, I find it important and useful to read and follow the thinking of the non-religious right arm of the conservative movement.

Many of the people involved in Lead21 are somewhat my peers, fellow technology entrepreneurs (many of them are in their mid-30’s, some are VC’s, some are consultants, some are entrepreneurs). We have different views on the role of government and on the relative importance of social issues in our personal votes – but unlike many on the right, they argue intelligently and approach the world from a philosophy I can understand and even respect.

In short, worthy to understand and perhaps even debate, certainly also to engage and I hope at times work with.


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