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Google adsense and monetizing blogs

Posted by shannonclark on November 8, 2004

So, as of this evening I have added Google adsense ads to the left side of my blog. It is a bit of an experiment to see if anyone is reading, I hope over the next year it may earn a small amount for me.

In general I agree that the best way to “monetize” a blog likely is not advertising, but as well I am philosophically inclined to like Google Adsense – I like the concept of targeted ads based dynamically on the content of the page.

I suspect that BlogAds may be better targeted at the readers of many blogs, and that sponsorship or the simple selling of personal consulting services, speaking fees, or other services and/or products will generally speaking be more valuable than any amount of ads, but as well it is painless and simple enough to implement – so I am going to try.


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