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Fullcircle clothing: fashion: Full Circle

Posted by shannonclark on November 15, 2004

Fullcircle clothing: fashion: Full Circle

Earlier today I was in a resale shop, where I bought a few things, but where I also tried on two of the most amazing, but unfortunately not quite fitting, shirts I have ever worn in my life. They were both from a designer I had never heard of, Full Circle.

After some searching online I have found their website – mostly sold in Europe – they are in a very few stores here in the US (Blomingdales, but not all cities, it appears). I know that the next time I am in a location that stocks them directly I will be looking for them – and that I’ll be looking for a distributer of them online as well.

The shirts I am now looking for were button down, longsleeve mens shirts – but what made them extremely notable was the fit and the fabric. Even shirts that were not the right size for me, actually fit better than many shirts that are the “right” size (fit in terms of how they hung on my and how the arms and shoulders – but both shirts were just a bit too small to button up completely – so not workable for me.)

In the mean time, I will also be looking at designer resale shops throughout Chicago, and at stores that might somehow manage to import these shirts – I doubt I’ll find them for the $15 they would have been in the one resale shop (Recycle on Milwaukee in Chicago – if you are a medium or a small – go this week and pick them up – exceedly good shirts) – but I will gladly pay more regular retail shops prices – they are that good.

What is interesting for me is that there is such a dramatic and highly noticible difference in the quality. I have some very high end designer shirts – but more normally I wear whatever I happen to have on hand – random t-shirts from tech shows, 10 year old shirts from the gap, etc. The difference that truly high quality can make is dramatic and noticible when you encounter it.

A reminder that it is worthwhile to search out quality where it exists. Whether in shirts or in my more usual search, in technology.


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