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An Ongoing, Erratic Diary – Advice to writers in MFA programs

Posted by shannonclark on November 30, 2004

An Ongoing, Erratic Diary

My friend Mary Anne (recently now Dr. Mohanraj having successfully defended her PhD earlier this month) writes some great advice to anyone who is in an MFA or PhD program in creative writing. Her advice I think is likely also relevant to any writer who is not in a formal program (though such writers, like myself, are unlikely to finish a book or set of short stories in as compressed a timeframe as writers in a formal program).

Mary Anne sold her PhD thesis collection of short stories, along with a novel to follow on the same characters, to Harper Collins for a very good contract. She does have the advantage over average academics of having an already established “name” – she’s had a journal on the web since 1994 (making her online journal one of the very first “blogs”) and has previously edited books which sold out multiple printings and did very well.

So, if you are reading this and are or are considering becoming an MFA or PhD student, go and read her advice.


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