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The Red Couch

Posted by shannonclark on December 5, 2004

The Red Couch

Scoble and Shel Israel are going to write a book on corporate blogging. I offered a few comments/thoughts (note – Scoble’s blog appears to limit the size of comments or else I would have gone on longer.)

Here are my comments:

A few basics to add to your FAQ (just the questions, need answers I suspect) – not too difficult I hope.

Okay, this may seem very basic, but I suspect it gets a bit more complicated as you stare at it.

“What is a blog?” – i.e. when is a “frequently updated website” a blog and when is it “just” a website?

Are comments needed to make a “blog” a blog?

What about RSS feeds?

Does a group blog differ fundementally from a blog by a single person?

What about this thing called “WIKIs” how do they differ/compliment/contradict what blogs are? (note, I have some ideas of answers to these, posting these questions to spark conversations)

If a blog is published but rarely read, is it still a blog? More seriously, I think it can be argued that a blog, even without active readers, can still be a highly valuable tool for the individual or for a corporation. That is, the process of “blogging” can by itself add value – whether or not the posts that result are themselves ever read widely.



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