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Back in the States

Posted by shannonclark on December 29, 2004

Quick update – long posts will be following before the end of the week and keep an eye here for a link (or more) to photos from where I have been these past few weeks…

Namely – I am literally just hours back in the States from a long trip my girlfriend Julia and I took to India for a very good friend’s wedding. We spent two weeks in Delhi and in Shimla, with a day trip to Agra. The wedding was great fun, the touring fantastic and overall it was one of the best trips I have taken in many, many years – definitely a country I look forward to my next visit (hopefully even longer, perhaps with some work aspects as well).

In the upcoming days I will post a long set of comments and suggestions for future travels to India – both for myself and for anyone who might be venturing there in the future. Then I will also be posting links to photos from our travels, and likely many other years end comments (as well as hopefully an announcement or two about JigZaw and my plans for 2005.

If you are in my personal addressbook, you should also be expecting an email from me with a year’s end summary, updates, and lots of other links and details – if you are not already – please contact me (or leave a comment here) and I will add you to my personal mailing list – about one email every three months so no worries about lots of mail from me).

Until then – Happy Holidays!


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