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The Red Couch

Posted by shannonclark on December 5, 2004

The Red Couch

Scoble and Shel Israel are going to write a book on corporate blogging. I offered a few comments/thoughts (note – Scoble’s blog appears to limit the size of comments or else I would have gone on longer.)

Here are my comments:

A few basics to add to your FAQ (just the questions, need answers I suspect) – not too difficult I hope.

Okay, this may seem very basic, but I suspect it gets a bit more complicated as you stare at it.

“What is a blog?” – i.e. when is a “frequently updated website” a blog and when is it “just” a website?

Are comments needed to make a “blog” a blog?

What about RSS feeds?

Does a group blog differ fundementally from a blog by a single person?

What about this thing called “WIKIs” how do they differ/compliment/contradict what blogs are? (note, I have some ideas of answers to these, posting these questions to spark conversations)

If a blog is published but rarely read, is it still a blog? More seriously, I think it can be argued that a blog, even without active readers, can still be a highly valuable tool for the individual or for a corporation. That is, the process of “blogging” can by itself add value – whether or not the posts that result are themselves ever read widely.


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Report of the Secretary-General’s High-level Panel

Posted by shannonclark on December 2, 2004

Report of the Secretary-General’s High-level Panel

Report sent to the UN with a large set of proposed changes to enhance global security. I find this report fascinating and generally speaking hopeful – it is a direction I hope will be adopted.

That said, as a realist, I realize that the chances are much of these proposals will get bogged down in the usual, slow, deliberative process of any large governmental agency.

I’m just one US citizen, but I hope that a world consensus is slowly emerging on global security.

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Piet Zwart Institute – Flowmaps, The Imaginaries of Global Integration

Posted by shannonclark on December 1, 2004

Piet Zwart Institute – Flowmaps, The Imaginaries of Global Integration

This is very much what I have been thinking a lot about in terms of economics – mapping the connectiveness of people (and countries) vs. the more traditional model of “assets” (which is a virtual world hold a very changing meaning in any case).

My instinct is that there are very new and major implications to be made via looking at and viewing the world and economics in terms of connectivity – something I hope to pursue in some long form in the future (perhaps a book if I ever have time).

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