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Books – week 2, 2005

Posted by shannonclark on January 15, 2005

This week read mostly magazines and websites, here’s the list:

Jan 7th:
New Yorker – Jan 10th issue, finished
Software Development – special extra magazine on Eclipse
Reader – Pure Fiction issue from Dec 31st

Jan 10:
Barons – Dec 2004 issues
Alfred Hitchcock’s Mystery Magazine – March 2005 issue – finished, not as good as it once was.
Basic Chess Endings by Ruben Fine – note, not a book I’ll probably “read” in the usual sense
New York Review of Books – January issue

Jan 14:
Finished New York Review of Books – January Issue. Great article on the new MoMa, some other interesting articles but in general a somewhat disappointing issue – lots of politics, less culture and few books mentioned that were interesting enough to add to my list of books to look for/buy.

Started: Esquire – February 2005 issue. Greatly looking forward to reading Thomas P. M. Barnett’s article on what Bush should do next, along with the other related articles. Noted that they specifically mention the Cristo Gates as one of the top things to do in February. We’re planning on trying to make it to NYC in February in time to see the gates. Probably will also try to see the new MoMa while we are there as well.

Overall a fairly light reading week, did a lot of writing for many of the mailing lists I am on and on MeshForum related topics. This upcomming week I plan on finishing a number of the books on my shelves that are partially started, and get further caught up on my stack of magazines.


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