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Updates to MeshForum

Posted by shannonclark on January 19, 2005

A bunch of updates to MeshForum including the official announcement of our prices, date (May 1-3, 2005), venue, first sponsors, updated staff and volunteer needs and much more. Went over most of the website and updated the about MeshForum page, the overall look and feel and many other changes small (and some large).

Overall, the biggest news is that MeshForum will be 2 full days, Monday May 2nd and Tuesday May 3rd. On Sunday May 1st we will have an opening reception. The venue for the conference (and probably though it is not confirmed yet the reception) will be HotHouse a fantastic local Chicago institution which supports world music, creative art and great jazz.

The venue can accommodate up to 300 people, we are cutting off registration for MeshForum at 250 paying attendees. Pre-registration is $900 until February 15th with a $250 discount available to academics (Professors, staff or full time students). Watch your email for further news from me and a special offer (if you act quickly).

All attendees will get great things from our sponsors and we’re hoping to have a bunch of fantastic surprises for everyone as well. In short, we are putting together all of the pieces which are needed to pull off a fantastic conference. Hope you can make it.


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