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Flickr: Photos tagged with blogwalkchicago

Posted by shannonclark on January 23, 2005

Flickr: Photos tagged with blogwalkchicago

More on the Blogwalk tomorrow – but first, a link to the photos others (didn’t bring my camera alas) took.

Overall I greatly enjoyed the Blogwalk – while blogging is not the focus of my business or consulting, I do think about and care about blogging (and more generally future trends in technology and especially network implications). I hope my contributions were useful over the course of the day, I think we most definitely sparked a lot of questions and our discussions were, I thought, very enjoyable.

Lots of little takeaways but like any, in my mind, great conference or gathering, my best “takeaways” have to do with who I met and the chance to spend time intensely with them for a day (and for some a day and a dinner). Whether or not we spend similar periods of intensive time together in the future, I know that we have a greater level of trust and connectiveness as a result of the conference, and I hope that I’ll keep in touch with the other blogwalkers – at a minimum I know I’ll be reading many of their blogs in the future (and hopefully a few of them will be reading here).


One Response to “Flickr: Photos tagged with blogwalkchicago”

  1. Denham said

    Hi Shannon,

    Good meeting with you and sorry we did not have time for a more personal 1:1. I really enjoyed your incisive comments and the way you shared your thoughts.

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