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Unbound Spiral: Skype + Bluetooth = Cordless

Posted by shannonclark on January 23, 2005

Stuart and I met for the first time at PopTech last fall. Then we remet here in Chicago Friday night for the Blogwalk dinner and Saturday for the BlogWalk itself.

Stuart was a very vocal proponant of Skype throughout Blogwalk. After exchanging emails with him earlier today, I looked over his blog and found the following post on one of the exact ideas I have had – getting a Bluetooth compatible headset, not for my cell phone (which doesn’t currently have bluetooth, need to fix that someday) but for my laptop. Ideally stereo to listen to music and podcasts on, but with full Skype functionality for when I want to use Skype and/or have an incoming Skype call.

Unbound Spiral: Skype + Bluetooth = Cordless

Looks like it is not just possible, but well documented throughout the web. I know what I’ll be adding to my toolkit in the very near future…


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