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Readings – January 15-21, 2005

Posted by shannonclark on January 24, 2005

Last week I read, but not at a very heavy pace. Here’s my notes from the week. Also note that I read the first quarter of Dispossessed, will probably finish it later this week.

Books and Magazines:
Sunday 1/16/2005 Finished Esquire February 2005 issue
Started New Yorker 1/17/2005 issue

Monday 1/17/2005
Finished New Yorker 1/17 issue
Started Wired Magazine, January 2005 issue

Tuesday 1/18/2005
Finished Wired Magazine, January 2005 issue. Lots of great articles and ideas sparked from this, including one about and assorted other great ideas.

Wednesday 1/19/2005
New Yorker – January 24 & 31, 2005. Just arrived today but had heard about some of the articles already, finished with about half of it.

Also received the newest issue of Granta 88: Mothers (am about 3 issues of Granta behind at the moment, have to decide if I will renew my subscription or not as this is my last issue)

Listened to many podcasts from IT Conversations – speeches by SAP’s futurist, by the author of The Medici Effect and many others – very useful and inspiring discussions.


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