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it’s an iPod world…

Posted by shannonclark on February 26, 2005

Andrew Sullivan posted his February 20th article for the Sunday Times – iPod World: The End of Society.

This got me thinking about something interesting that might be possible two generations of iPods from now (or already with some cell phones and perhaps other mp3 players). The next generation of iPods which were announced a few days ago are not yet with built in Bluetooth – but when it is built in as seems to be the rumor…

What if you have a mode where ANYONE with bluetooth headset, whether you know them or not, can listen to your iPod (or other device).

Perhaps with a “channel surf” mode where you can switch from one ipod (or other device) to another.

My thought being that this might change the dynamics that Andrew observes – namely going from people being in their own private spaces, to suddenly small pockets of common, shared (yet private to a degree) experiences….

Possibly combined with bluetooth messaging of some form – so everyone (perhaps) who is listening to the same “channel” could also share comments (and for example phone numbers – though perhaps this is best via some form of pm)

Until then, anyone recommend a good bluetooth headset for Skype? (and perhaps any mp3 players that also have good bluetooth already today?)


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