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Robert Paterson’s Weblog: Going Home – Our Reformation

Posted by shannonclark on March 1, 2005

Robert Paterson’s Weblog: Going Home – Our Reformation

A lot of people have been linking to this, and I have not year read it in full, but it has jumped up past many books and magazines to very close to the top of my in queue.

Not sure I fully agree with it, and when I have finished reading it I will try to post a more intensive analysis, but I think it is about ideas and themes I have been studying for a while – and which people I know are working on – and which are related to what I am putting together at MeshForum.


One Response to “Robert Paterson’s Weblog: Going Home – Our Reformation”

  1. Mark said

    Shannon, here’s the link from Dave Pollard’s site which also references Paterson’s entry:

    Both he and Paterson would be intriguing speakers at MeshForum.

    Nice chatting with ya today! -Mark–>

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