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Sometimes in April – HBO Films March 19th

Posted by shannonclark on March 10, 2005

This evening I went to an advance screening of “Sometimes in April” by HBO Films

When this is shown on HBO films on March 19th – watch it. Buy HBO if you have to. Make friends with someone who does.

Only, while this is an important film to see, don’t see it expecting something fun – it is about the genocide in Rwanda – from the perspective of two Hutu brothers. One who was in the military and married to a Tutsi woman, the other a radio DJ (eventually to be tried by the genocide tribunal – the radios were used to incite the genocide).

A powerful, unflinching film. Every American should see it. But see it when you have time to reflect, when you are surrounded by loved ones, and don’t have a very full stomach (not without gore – but if a film about a genocide where over 1 million people died didn’t have some dead bodies and violence…)

Not a film for children, certainly not young children – though older children will be challenged and probably should see it – but be prepared for very tough questions and lengthy discussions.


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