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Ten really belated things

Posted by shannonclark on April 19, 2005

My friend Jed just posted a list of “Ten Belated Things” to his journel Lorem Ipsum.

The meme is to list 10 things you have done, that at least no one else reading (and possibly no one else period) have done. So here goes my attempt (this is considerably harder than it may look).

Ten things I have done that most people reading this probably have not done

1. Disassembled a particle accellerator. So, it was a smallish one, but the summer after my senior year of high school I was a summer physics intern at Argonne National Lab. One of my first tasks was to take a part a desktop particle accellerator which had been taking up a lab room. Took about a week to take it fully apart.

2. Started a conference on Networks. (MeshForum, registrations still available)

3. Started a science fiction convention which is STILL happening every year 15 years later. (OPCON, a one day science fiction convention I helped start and named which happens every year at my old high school).

4. Related to that, started and ran a science fiction convention BEFORE I ever attended a fan convention. I had attended GENCON (gaming) and at least one for-profit media convention, but hadn’t ever attended a science fiction convention prior to starting one of my own.

5. At my first Worldcon, which I attended as a gopher (since one of the con chairs had attended the convention we had started and she suggested that my friend Dwight and I work as gophers at Worldcon), I spent an hour in the green room entertaining Frederick Pohl and serving him tea. Then at the Hugo awards instead of sitting in the far back of the room, my friend Jennifer insisted that we sit with her dead center of the first row.

6. Also at that Worldcon, witnessed a panel like few others ever in worldcon history – Philip Jose Farmer, Robert Shea, Robert Anton Wilson, Some random guy from Tor, and Timothy Leary. Together in one room for a panel on “high wierdness” – my friend Dwight somewhere had a tape of the panel, one of those long lost items I hope to someday get a copy of…

7. At age 30 I have never once in my life been drunk. Not for religious reasons, just out of personal choice made many, many years ago.

8. Worked for seven weeks on an archeaological dig in Isreal. Best diet ever – bad, kosher food & hard physical labor in the desert (even if on a cliff overlooking the Med.) – lost lots of weight, learned a great deal. Would do it again were it not for the 98 % of the other volunteers who were seemingly evangelical divinity school students (I exagerate only a little).

9. Had something I found during that dig, in a slightly smaller form, make the COVER of Archeaology Magazine. A piece of Corinthian ware I excavated (which as we removed it from the ground split into three pieces) had the largest of those pieces featured on the cover of Archeology Magazine.

10. Broke a timing belt on my Acura Integra 108 miles from nowhere in the middle of Washington State on the Thursday before Labor Day weekend. And then, when AAA asked where to tow it instead of paying a little bit and being towed to Seatle, I chose to go backwards and be towed to Spokane -where I proceeded to have to spend a week, without a car, in the middle of nowwhere….

I could have mentioned “grown up without a TV” but I think that while rare, others reading this probably have done that. Or “gone roofing at the U. of C.” (but I’m sure some people reading this, who were possibly there, have done this as well).

Probably “been on the U. of C. Scavenger Hunt Judging committee twice” would qualify…

A fun exercise…

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  1. […] to volunteer at the Worldcon in 1991. It was there that I met Robert Anton Wilson. As I have blogged about in the past, I heard a panel at Chicon that included Robert Anton Wilson, Philip Jose Farmer, “some guy […]

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