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piecing IT together – blog from JigZaw Inc launches

Posted by shannonclark on May 21, 2005

This morning I have launched piecing IT together a trademarked blog from JigZaw Inc and myself, Shannon Clark.

Over the next few days I will be adding many of my technology and business related posts from this blog to the piecing IT together blog.

In addition I will be writing new, long form (typically) posts which will, I hope, help answer the question that even my friends often ask “what exactly do you do, Shannon?”

Topics will include:

  1. Networks
  2. Due Diligence of early stage firms, vendors, competitors, and without naming names clients
  3. Software architecture and design
  4. Philosophy of consulting
  5. Project management methodology
  6. and many others

I may add guest bloggers in the future and expand the blog from just my posts to include other consultants with whom I have worked. Initially the design is pretty basic, I’m using b2 as the software. In upcomming days I’ll likely be adding payment and contact details, links to applications we have written, google adsense content (possibly), tags, and hopefully further improvements.

If you have any suggestions – design, content, or otherwise, please leave them there as a comment.


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