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Shannon Clark's rambles and conversations on food, geeks, San Francisco and occasionally economics : Essay on media and podcasting

Posted by shannonclark on May 24, 2005 has a short essay from Dave Winer about watching what you are agreeing to when signing a contract with a media exec.

My comments are about the possible model of Oprah.

A model that might be looked at is Oprah.
i.e. if you manage to do the following trifecta, you can collect big:

– Generate a large, passionate, ongoing audience (which stays with the station/channel who air you giving them an incentive and value to supporting you)

– Own the content yourself and negotiate for a significent portion of the advertising revenue (and ideally manage a mix of local/national advertising)

– Continue to add other content and outlets, as well as maintaining a strong brand and connection to your audience.



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