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Speak Up: The Promise of Girls’ Education

Posted by shannonclark on May 27, 2005

Speak Up: The Promise of Girls’ Education

I left the following comment, which will be posted eventually I think, about the importance of woman’s education.


Yout should take a look at Prof. Jeffery Sachs’ recent book “The End of Poverty” and the work of the Earth Institute he heads up at Columbia ( He specifically talks about the importance of female eduction in the developing world and adds to your list of reasons that educating woman (and more generally helping children survive childhood) leads to lower fertility rates and reduction of population growth from rates that are currently doubling populations in very short periods to more sustainable levels.

He also adds to the importance of School Lunches by way of a story he tells of one school, I think in Kenya, where prior to instituting school lunches they were ranked ~110th out of 200 schools in the region. After just adding school lunches for the 8th grade they raised their school ranking (on the basis of national tests) to 2nd in the region. Prof. Sachs is working with NGO’s to extend the school lunch program there to all grades.

Thomas P. M. Barnett in his books and writings also emphasizes the critical importance of woman’s education on closing the gap between countries. Countries where girls get an education and woman have rights and opportunities tend to move forward in many other areas (environment, development, stability).



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