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Returning to the blogosphere

Posted by shannonclark on September 30, 2005

I have been absent for the most part from the blogosphere for a while now, writing quietly on my lalptop and digesting what I have been doing this summer. Now that we have entered into the fall I will be trying to get back into the blogging habit – across all three of my blogs. Here at Searching For the Moon I will blog mostly personal items – generally sites I find that are interesting but perhaps as well thoughts about restaurants, movies, plays, or other events I attend or see. I hope to also post some of the photos from my recent trip out west as well as detail some of the many things we did while traveling.

On my professional blog, piecing IT together I will be posting about my research, consulting work and business related articles, websites and events. My focus for the Fall will be Flow Economics, which is my term for the new form of economic analysis I offer my professional clients – looking at the relationships of an enterprise in terms of a network and then analyzing the flows within that network. This offers a new perspective on business whether small or large.

At MeshForum we will be blogging about Networks, our past speakers, and the process of organizing MeshForum 2006 (May 7-8 Chicago). We have a number of annoucements we will be making in the next few weeks, including some big names as speakers and an upcoming MeshForum dinner on Oct 5th here in Chicago.


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