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Movies I want to see

Posted by shannonclark on October 1, 2005

At the moment there are more movies released which I want to see than I have time to go to the movies, here is the list of currently released movies which I want to see (and why), it is surprisingly long, probably the longest such as list has been in the past 5, perhaps 10 years.

Mirrormask – Neil Gaiman’s new film. Here in Chicago only showing for one week. So this is likely the first film I’m going to go see, probably this weekend or next week.

Serenity – Josh Whedon’s new film based on the Firefly TV series. While I haven’t yet caught up on the Firefly series, given his track record with other series and the previews, this is near the top of my list of films to see.

Proof – While I have heard some mixed reviews, the ones I trust have all been very positive about this film, given my own interest in math as well as my many friends who are mathematicians I want to see this film.

Lord of War – I’m rarely disappointed in Nicholas Cage’s films and in this one he plays an anti-hero arms dealer.

Oliver Twist – Roman Polanski’s newest film of the Dicken’s classic. I’m looking forward to seeing this.

Everything is Illuminated – while I haven’t yet read the book, this story is one I feel I have to see.

A History of Violence – sounds like the type of story I would find fun.

The Aristocrats – for the overview of the history of comedy in America for nearly the last century.

Capote – not yet out in Chicago but when it is out I want to see this.

And still in theaters and I haven’t see yet:

Fantastic Four – seems like it would be better on the big screen.

I’ll add more links and details later, but this a quite a long list for me other than one or two films above I would regret not seeing all of these films while they are playing in theaters. And besides these there are many other films I wouldn’t mind seeing as well as lots of great films coming to Chicago in upcoming weeks for the Chicago International Film Festival and other fests.


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