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Chicago ex-pats Bears Party on Sunday Jan 15th

Posted by shannonclark on January 9, 2006

On Sunday Jan 15th, though I will be in my new home of Berkeley CA, I will gather with friends and fellow ex-pats to the West Coast from Chicago to watch a little Bear’s Football.

Sure, I’m a geek but I’m also a somewhat secret sports fan… and I’m most certainly a fan of the Chicago Bears. I remember vividly watching the Bears win it all in 1985, watching all of the games at homes of childhood friends as my family didn’t yet have a tv (side note about that, my parents still only watch the one tv they got nearly 20 years ago – which was a used tv at that!)

So, on Sunday, I am organizing a gathering in the San Francisco Bay Area to watch the Bears beat the Carolina Panthers. If my new Berkeley home has both a TV and cable signal I may host this gathering there… though since I likely won’t yet have such minor details as seating… most likely this gathering will be at a bar (or perhaps cafe or restaurant) somewhere in San Francisco, less likely somewhere in Berkeley.

Even if you are not a Chicago ex-pat you are certainly welcome to join us, just keep the “da’s” to a minimum… I’ll post the venue when it is set, if you are interested or have a suggestion for a venue please leave a comment or send me an email.


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