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Luck, Snakes on a Plane, and other movies (and life)

Posted by shannonclark on August 18, 2006

Tonight I went, along with most of the geeks in San Francisco, to a screening of Snakes on a Plane at the Metreon. I went to the first showing at 10pm and as part of a full, packed theater, witnessed a bit of geek history and a small cultural moment. The most interactive movie screening I’ve been to in years and a truly fun experience. The movie was all that it was promised to be, but done with so much fun and good humor as well as a sly sensibility and self-awareness that it was truly great fun to watch, especially with an audience that was actively participating (throwing snakes, shouting commentary and reacting as promised to the key lines).

It was fun and I’m very glad I was there and not surprisingly there were many people I knew in the audience.

However, as with so much else for the past few months, it was also a reminder that I am single, as all around me in the crowded theater couples huddled and shared in the experience (and I think this is beginning to be a criteria for me, a partner (female) who would also enjoy immersion in geek culture, great if we also share lots of other non-geek culture interests, but I’m definitely looking for a female geek).

Earlier in the week I went and saw Little Miss Sunshine, which was also shown to a fairly full audience and was one of the first times in a very, very long time that I have laughed aloud in the theater (the last time I remember doing that was Home Alone, which I walked out of predicting that it would, as it did, become a huge hit). Little Miss Sunshine probably does not have the same, universal appeal of the physical comedy inherent in Home Alone (and which reminded me of what i love about Chaplin and other early film pioneers) but it should find a good audience for the quirky and very true and real humor.

And while Snakes, on a Plane, is a horrific idea and concept, and I will be taking a lot of flights in the next few weeks, truly my nightmares will be from Little Miss Sunshine. The scenes of the beauty pagent are true horror, a scathing indictment of a truly ugly side of the “beauty” industry.

While my love life is not all that lucky these days, my luck in general has been rather surprising. Early this week I was walking near Union Square, very late at night down to Market St. to catch the late night Muni shuttle bus to the Castro to transfer to my bus home. I had stopped in a Walgreens to pick up a few items, on stepping outside I looked down and on the sidewalk found a Muni monthly pass (worth $45). Since I had purchased my pass early in the month I passed this pass along to a friend who will make good use of it.

Then tonight, after the movie and a drink at the House of Shields with friends and fellow geeks, I took the F Muni back to the Castro, grabbed a late night dinner/snack at the Baghdad Café on Market, and then walked back to catch my bus. While walking, I looked down at the sidewalk and found a $10 bill that was sitting there half-folded on the sidewalk.

So in one week, that’s $55+ that I’ve found just walking around (on the weekend I kept finding piles of change – about $1.25 or so in a single day), certainly not going to replace my day jobs, but definitely a bit of good Karma.

I’ve blogged a bit more about this past week at my new Vox Blog where I’ve recently posted about my favorite books, furniture purchases and more.

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