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The new office, a walk down the sidewalk

Posted by shannonclark on September 6, 2006

So this afternoon I was walking, too far, to pick up a MUNI pass for the month and then to sit and do some work from my “backup” office, a local Starbucks, when I wandered by Niall Kennedy and Om Malik sitting outside in front of a Starbucks in downtown San Francisco.

We chatted for a while about the mobile office and worker. Earlier today Om launched Web Worker Daily which is a new group blog about the mobile worker, Niall contributed one of the first posts about a discussion of cafes here on the West Coast.

My contribution was a suggestion that I had blogged about last year on my other blog, the idea of Solos Working Alone Together which is for a group of independants to all pick a café and time and to meet there each week (or a couple of times each week) and work on their own projects, but in a common shared space. I’d like to start something like this here in San Francisco, so suggestions for where (and when) are appreciated.


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