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Shoes, colds, hacking

Posted by shannonclark on September 29, 2006

Earlier this week my parents visited and among the many small, but important, household/life tasks we completed while they were in town was the purchase of three pairs of new shoes (I purchased them, they just drove me across the bay for lunch with my grandfather and then some shopping). This may sound simple, even trivial, but it is in fact the most new shoes I have ever purchased at a single time in my entire life. And it now means that I am in the very unique for me position of having four pairs of shoes, each with a different look, and all of which fit and are comfortable for serious walking. (and I have a few other pairs that are good for an occasion but less good for serious walking). I’m particularly enjoying a new pair from Timberland that essentially feel as if they made slippers suitable for serious hikes – hard to describe but a seriously great, comfortable shoe, with a slipper like wool lining, extremely lightweight, but also with a serious rubber sole. All in a simple, black shoe that fits with many types of clothes.

Okay, not the most important of things, but it shoes how a relatively small amount of money at the right store will make a large difference. Yes, I know in the US shopping culture this is probably not a revelation, but you have to understand that I really don’t do much shopping or buying, not that I mind doing either, but more that I have spent much of the past year simplifying and removing items from my life, without much time (or money) spent on buying new items).

For the past three days, however, I have not had much of a chance to enjoy my new shoes or my much improved apartment (photos will be coming soon, my new table is really cool) as I have been suffering from a seriously nasty cold. The kind that rendered me unable to taste for nearly 24 hrs (so unable to taste that I could eat a Reed’s Ginger Candy and not notice the flavor, try it, you’ll see what that means in terms of how stuffed up I was).

Tomorrow I hope to attend Yahoo’s Hack Day and Developer Day, it should be a really fun day of talks and discussions followed by 24hrs of hacking all night long at Yahoo’s campus in Sunnyvale I have some ideas I want to pursue, but mostly I plan on watching, talking, and helping out one or more teams, it should be good to spend some time seriously coding and exploring what you can do these days, been way way too long since I did any real coding. (and if I get really inspired I may spend some time getting lots of my old code that is not working working again, simple stuff but something I have been putting off for way too long).


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