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Using IRC – after 15 years of mostly avoiding it

Posted by shannonclark on October 21, 2006

Okay, so in the past few weeks I have finally started making active use of IRC. I say finally because I first encountered IRC over 15 years ago when I connected to the web for the first time in my college dorm room as a Freshman at the University of Chicago. I had been on the Internet even before that, when I was a summer intern a Argonne National Laboratory, but I hadn’t used IRC there, just email and some early web research tools (this was long before www).

So anyway since then I have made occasional attemps to use IRC, mostly for a local IRC backchannel at a conference I was attending, usually downloading a new IRC client for the occasion or using a browser based client. However at a recent event we decided to make more ongoing use of an IRC channel as a means of staying in contact post the event. I discovered that Trillian includes a pretty good IRC client so I have been happily using that.

I know about #joiito and plan on lurking there (lurking at least until I figure out more about how to use the #jibot so my nick is persistant etc – still haven’t figured out some of the basics like how to do pm’s via Trillian etc

But my question/post is to ask “where else should I lurk?” and what else should be I looking to IRC as a channel to do? I’ve missed out on using IRC for a long time, which is somewhat silly but also because I have have been a rather slow adopter for the alpha geek I am more typically seen as being – sure I do know and hang out with the founders of many a web 2.0 company, and yes, I have been online since 1991 (with my own servers for most of that time) and sure, I can and have programmed in nearly 10 different languages, have built apps etc, but that doesn’t mean that I use every tool I should be using or use them to their fullest extent.

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