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A bus hit my apartment this morning…

Posted by shannonclark on November 7, 2006

Quite a way to start the day. I was awake, working on a technology problem and trying to decide whether or not to attend an event down in Palo Alto, when suddenly my building shook from a major impact, things fell off my walls, and when I looked out my window there was a muni bus plowed into the side of my building.

See this story from the SF Chronicle, it will also be covered in tonight’s Channel 5 news here locally and I’m sure by other local (and perhaps national) papers. No one was hurt, but lots of my neighbors lost their cars. And along with them, I’m a bit shaken up – I ride the 24 muni bus nearly every single day as it is one of the best route home for me most evenings, and often the fastest route to downtown in the mornings.

I will post my photos from the scene to Flickr later tonight.

Update – SFist’s coverage


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